Clean Water and Sanitation

Soaring Unlimited is excited to be returning to our tradition of partnering to provide clean water to families and communities in Haiti.

Clean Water Wells
We recently sponsored the digging of a new clean water well on our Medical Clinic Campus in Pistere Village, partnering with the Living Water organization in Haiti to dig the well, and with Sverdrup Lutheran Church in Minnesota, a long-time Soaring supporter which donated the funding for the well. The church has also provided enough financial support to dig several more wells and provide maintenance on them in the future. We are in the process of identifying these additional locations for digging new wells for the community.

Latrines, Handwash Stations & Water Filters
Soaring is also pleased to be partnering with Pure Water for the World in Pistere Village. PWW recently completed construction of a new Sanitation Unit on our Medical Campus that includes latrines and handwash stations. Pure Water also held their launch event for the installation of hundreds of bio-sand water filters they are placing in Pistere homes—funded by Rotary International—and Soaring Staff were on hand to support the event, as we pursue the intersectional needs amidst sanitation, health and medical care in NE Haiti. And in attendance at the event as well were officials & members from an additional partner in the project—the Cap Haitien Rotary Club. In addition, long-time "Friends of Soaring"—Myrlande and Lotto—are serving as Co-Trainer and Driver respectively for this project in Pistere. During the implementation of the project, PWW staff from their headquarters in Port au Prince are residing at the Soaring Mission House in Cap Haitien, and we are storing the PWW equipment and materials onsite at our medical campus.


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