Reducing Childhood Malnutrition: Our Nutrition Program

An often overlooked but integral Soaring Program that emanates from the Medical Clinic weekly is our Nutrition Program. Based upon diagnosis by our staff Doctor, Yvrose Girard Joseph, of childhood malnutri-tion, participants in this program receive food staples weekly for the child and their family. The foodstuffs provided include rice, corn meal, beans, milk, and cooking oil.

The rising costs of these food items here in Haiti is requiring additional funds to maintain the program. And in addition, our vision for the Nutrition Program is to expand it to more children and families in need, and to supplement what is included in the distribution by partner-ing with Meds & Foods for Kids' Medika Mamba Factory. This nationwide program produces peanut-butter based supplement bars which we can purchase in bulk and include with the food staples.

The Medika Mamba Factory is located not far from our clinic in Quartier Marin, out-side Cap Haitien, and Meds & Food for Kids has a proven track record of reversing malnutrition in children. We welcome contributions to our Nutrition Program which continues to be sorely needed!

We are very excited to begin the enhancement of our Nutrition & Prenatal Programs by partnering with the Medika Mamba Factory to provide their Vita Mamba Bars (vitamin peanut butter) for the children and expectant mothers in these programs! And thanks to two of our long-time congregational supporters who have allocated new funding to Soaring to support this expansion of our programming—Eaton Rapids First Methodist outside Lansing, MI & Central Methodist in Traverse City, MI. Medika Mamba Factory is operated by a U.S. nonprofit, Meds & Food for Kids, founded by Dr. Pat Wolff 15 years ago, and has been revolutionizing not only the treatment of malnutrition but also agricultural and waste treatment practices in its production operations. MFK is now not only manufacturing these important nutritional supplements for Haiti, but also distributing them to other developing countries. Soaring personnel who help with these key programs for our agency are pleased and proud to be partnering with MFK-Medika Mamba!


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