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Just after Labor Day in the U.S., the school bells rang and precious children clothed in colorful matching uniforms with the girls in color-coordinated hair ribbons, poured back into the schools of Cap Haitien for another school year. Soaring is pleased and privileged to continue its long tradition of providing scholarships to students across a variety of schools in Cap Haitien and the surrounding area. Nearly 70 children and youth are sponsored this year for enrollment, tuition, books, uniforms and school supplies. This approach to supporting education in Haiti is effective because it supports individual students, their families, and the schools they attend, all three. Thank you to everyone who is making financial contributions for scholarships and donating supplies. If you are interested in supporting Soaring's educational scholarship program, it's not too late this Fall to help our students. And there's always the Spring Semester as well.

The Saturday Night Leadership Group has been a mainstay of the work of Soaring Unlimited Haiti. Improving English speaking skills, discussing the qualities of good leaders, sharing perspectives on current events, and presenting ideas for how to improve the community ~ with a little fun, fellowship, and food thrown in for good measure. We have started this group back up for the fall season and it is expanding weekly, including some women being added in with the men ~ a great idea for the future, taking the group co-ed! In addition, Soaring has long focused and will continue to, on self-improvement trainings and classes, such as English, music, and gardening. Many of these courses take place under the teaching of local experts at the Pavilion on the grounds of our Medical Clinic.

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