Soaring Unlimited Health Clinic

The Medical Clinic at Pistere is at the heart of what Soaring is doing in Haiti. Located in the rural environs of Cap Haitien, the clinic staff of a Doctor, Administrator, Lab Technician and Pharmacy Coordinator, continue to serve patients four days a week in a community where cows and goats roam freely, no electric power or indoor plumbing exists, and you still sometimes see older people riding donkeys. These critical medical services are now expanding toward an even greater emphasis on women and their children and families. Our newest staff member ~ a nurse ~ is conducting training of local midwives, providing prenatal care, and delivering family planning services. And as we continue to conduct meetings, discussions, and conference calls with the Building Goodness Foundation, we move forward toward our dream of a Women's Health & Birthing Clinic where we will continue to do even more to help ensure healthy births, assist women with their health needs, and strive to improve the maternal and infant mortality rates in the nation with the worst record in the western hemisphere.

Our partnership with Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine continues to mutually benefit all involved. For the past 6 years medical students and doctors from the University have come for a week every year to work side by side with Haitian staff at our clinic under the direction of Dr. William Cunningham, who is the Assistant Dean of the medical school and Director of the MSU Institute of International Health. This relationship provides students with a third world educational experience as our patients receive expanded health care. The Soaring Unlimited staff also gains from this special mentoring opportunity. Between 100-150 patients are seen daily including men and women of all ages, children and babies, with conditions ranging from fractures and open wounds, to circulatory, respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions, malnutrition and serious infections including typhoid, malaria, cholera, TB, and HIV. We strongly support and appreciate this collaboration for the benefit of all and look forward to expansion of the program in the future.


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